A Communications Methodology for the 2020s

Defining and Telling Your Story


Knowing your identity

Creating your story

Communicating your uniqueness

Engaging your audiences

Building true thought leadership

A Communications Methodology for the 2020s

A Different Reality Now

Most companies have emerged from 2020 with a substantially changed structure, changed business plans and a uncertain economy. Some trends have accelerated, others must be scrapped. Who are we now? What is our new business strategy and how do we convey that to stakeholders successfully?

The Internal Imperative: A Workforce in Need of Assurance and Direction

At a time of great uncertainty, managers and associates are eager to understand the new mission, purpose and roadmap to growth and their part in it. We never forget your own people must be part of the journey

The Need to Reposition Externally in an Era of Distraction

External audiences will need to understand your new strategy and how you will achieve your goals. This is the sweet spot for business growth, as there is an opportunity to both drive greater awareness and enhance both definitional and reputational values.

Forming a Consistent, Authentic and Real Story

Our strategy focuses on executing an advanced plan that reflects a deep understanding of


Your associates, customers, business communities, local communities, demographics –from macro to micro.


Here is where we give voice to the new vision –our purpose, higher calling, business goals, financial aims. What do we want audiences to think/feel?


: Articulating the mission, vision and values –and the essence of the value proposition. This is the framework from which all else is built.


Only defining audiences, objectives and messaging will tell us what channels, campaigns will work.